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Welcome to West Coast Global Learner Support!

West Coast Global Learner Support serves all current international and domestic students, scholars, faculty, and staff at Northeastern University-Seattle and the Bay Area. Our services include:

  • ESL Tutoring provides high-quality English language instruction through 50-minute individual and group tutoring appointments. Sessions can focus on academic writing, listening, speaking, reading, presentation skills, and career preparation. Group conversation tutorials focus on a variety of discussion topics. These tutorials will allow you to practice your conversation skills with a tutor and three other students while speaking about higher-level topics in English. 
  • Language and Culture Workshops provide students with the opportunity to explore a variety of topics related to language, academics, and culture. The workshops are led by Northeastern University faculty, staff, and students. Join us as we explore unique topics and learn how language and culture truly impact the student experience!
  • Coding in English sessions feature experienced student and alumni volunteers from Seattle focused on coding, tech interviews, and code walks. Sessions will include both opportunities to observe and collaborate with students based in Boston, Silicon Valley, and Seattle!
  • Cultural Activities provide students with the opportunity to explore the local culture with other students, faculty, and staff. If you are interested in organizing an outing, please reach out to West Coast Global Learner Support at!
  • Listening & Speaking Classes focus on topic-based discussions, academic presentation skills, and formal debates. These non-credit classes run year-round. If you are looking to commit to improving your listening, speaking, pronunciation, and presentation skills, this class is for you. Registration takes place at the first class meeting.

Registering for an account:

1. Click on "First visit? Register for an account."

2. Follow the instructions to create an account username and password using the Husky email address.

3. Log-in with your username and password.

4. Select the service from the drop-down menu.

5. Click on a time that works for you.

6. Complete the registration form and click on "save appointment".

Once you click on "save appointment", an e-mail notification will be sent to you.

No-show Policy:

1. The account will be blocked once three no-shows have been accumulated. Students will need to email the administrator to open the account.

2. The account will be blocked again if the fourth no-show has been accumulated and the student will need to make an appointment with the administrator to review no-show policies and discuss the further usage of services. After the meeting, the account will be enabled.

3. The account will be blocked again if the fifth no-show has been accumulated and the student will need to make an appointment with the administrator again. After the meeting, the account will be blocked for three months.

Questions? E-mail West Coast Global Learner Support at 

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